This photo shows a dulcimer, guitar,  a concert grand gold harp and a Celtic harp, prior to a concert in Spencerville, MD.


What kinds of harps do you play?

Harps come in many sizes.  A concert grand harp is the largest and a Celtic harp is the smallest.

I play a Lyon & Healy concert grand gold 23 and a hand carved concert grand Salvi Minerva harp.  I also play a Lyon & Healy troubadour and Dusty Strings Celtic harp.


Can I book you through a music agency?

NO.   Music agencies typically charge more, take a large percentage fee from the musician and frequently don't communicate location, time of event and client song requests accurately to the musician. leaving the client unhappy.  They also overbook and tend to hire the cheapest person they can find, caring little about quality.

*I prefer to work directly with a client so that I can make my own arrangements to provide the highest level of service for the client.


I found a harpist that is cheaper.  Should I economize?

You may have found a real bargain or you may have found someone that will subcontract to a student, has an inferior quality instrument, will overbook and arrive late to your event or worse yet, won't show up at all.

*A fairly compensated musician will WANT to make YOU happy and will CARE about your event and their reputation.


How will I know what music to select?

I will be happy to help you select music for your special event.  Typically, light classical, holiday carols, pop, show tunes and hymns work best on the harp.  The harp does not have a sustaining pedal so not every song works well on harp but many sound fabulous!